Tim Cahill’s time with Everton is over. The Aussie favourite has opted out of the club after a couple of disappointing seasons marred by injury. Everton chairman Bill Kenwright had nothing but positive words for Cahill after eight memorable years with ‘the Toffees’. Unfortunately Cahill himself soured the move by making detrimental comments about the level of the A League (Australia’s professional soccer league).

Cahill will join New York aged 32 and ready to re-launch his career in a lower profile league. The MLS has attracted the likes of David Beckham, Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane along with fostering talent such as Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle and most of the US team. Australian fans had faint hopes of the midfielder returning to Australia one day, but comments during his official New York unveiling revealed a disinterest in returning to the A League. “This is a massive move for me,” he said. “Moving to the A-League would have been a step backwards. And that’s no disrespect.” Cahill added, “It’s basically, I want to still play at a high level.”

It wasn’t long after those damaging comments that online forums in Australia went berserk. Vitriol filled remarks have suffocated the internet. FourFourTwo Australia & TheWorldGame were websites that were host to Cahill hating. Here is a taste of the public opinion:

OH Timmy, why didn’t you just spout the “new challenge” line and not even mention the A-League, let alone say it is shit.
I just lost a little bit of respect for him. 
by El Toro

The MLS is a step down. He never wanted to come back to the A-league. He made out that the A-league was nowhere near the standard of the MLS and that the MLS wasn’t a step down from the premier league. His comments make him seem delusional. by parraboi

Tim Cahill can go **** [removed by EastAsianSoccer] himself. And I mean that with no disrespect. Definitely lost a fan with that comment. by thupercoach

Wow didnt expect cahill so be such an arse after all the love aussies have given him over the years, both the MLS and HAL are a step backwards you money grabbing jerk. The standard between the two is not very big at all, so enjoy all the nutters in Amercia you douche. by MarkD

Harry comes back and tells everyone what a good league the A League is, Timmy does not come back and sticks the knife into the A League . Timmy and Pimmy have the same opinion and they overate their ability as a player and coach ! by peter1008

As far as I’m concerned this doesn’t hurt Timmy’s reputation or legacy, what it does do however, is illustrate just what a great thing Harry Kewell did for Australia football. To come home to a “football backwater” that is badly administrated and poorly paid, just for the kids of tomorrow. 
by Mark

The general theme of comments from fans in Australia went as above. However, some did believe that Cahill was merely stating his opinion about the level of two leagues, and favouring the American version. Most soccer fans worldwide would agree the MLS is a stronger league than the A League, as do I. But when a player so revered in Australia comes out and makes such a statement, he does irreparable damage to the game, and despite his phrasing (“And that’s no disrespect”), it is showing disrespect. 

One thing is certain in the aftermath of Cahill’s comments. Tim Cahill will never been seen in the same ‘bright and shining light’ as before. It will be very interesting to be amongst Socceroos fans the next time he wears the green and gold.

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